A pretty astonishing debut album. This band have sprung up fully-formed from nowhere with such a well-thought-out new sound. Marrying elements of bluegrass, klezmer, folk and pop sounds... the whole thing is carried off with such panache and confidence that you never doubt it for a second and end up realising that these different genres are not at all as mutually exclusive as you might have thought. Their repertoire is divided up between boisterous clap/sing/stomp/dance-alongs and more pensive numbers, all arranged and executed beautifully and with a melodic skill and ingenuity...And while the prevailing mood is jubilant, closer inspection of the lyrics reveal that even behind the widest smile there can be heartfelt sadness.

Frank Yang - Chromewaves.net

Natalie McCool
6 day riot
Patch William
Daytona Lights
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